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Welcome to the American Enterprise Project page!

Your 2016-2017 Chairs: Ritu Channagiri (10) and Katherine (Kathy) Tien (11)

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What is AE?
The American Enterprise Project aims to teach its members and the community invaluable business knowledge, while providing them with many opportunities to improve their leadership and public speaking skills!

Past Projects:
Last year, the American Enterprise taught members and the community, including local middle schoolers, project development and marketing, through events such as the Maker’s Fair. AE projects in past years cover a huge variety of topics, ranging from general business knowledge that was taught through Youtube videos, to international business, to entrepreneurship.

Why Join?
Anyone is welcome to join AE! Through our project, you will be able to learn something about business, practice public speaking skills, gain leadership ability and confidence, meet new friends, and of course, have a lot of fun!

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