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Do you want to add to your resume, win hundreds of dollars, and leave a mark on the Homestead legacy? Try out for competitions and expose yourself to experiences that will benefit your future!
FBLA offers over 60 competitive events in areas such as speaking, math, communications, and technology. These exciting events give you the chance to showcase your expertise in business knowledge either individually or in a team. The events include prepared presentations, impromptu speaking, production events, and written tests. Whether you’re competing in Sports Management or Web Site Development, the Homestead FBLA competitive experience provides you with decorated mentors and chances to expand your network and knowledge.

Homestead FBLA has been the best competitive chapter in California for 16 years and the top chapter in the nation for 15 years. Competing at conferences allows you to travel all over America while staying overnight at hotels with your friends. You also have the opportunity to interact with high school students from other parts of the country.