Partnership With Business

Your 2017-2018 Chairs: Zibaa Adil (10) and Kelly Mao (10)

Zibaa AdilKelly Mao


What is PwB? The goal of the Partnership with Business project (PwB) is to engage in a mutually-beneficial partnership with a company or organization. Our members, the partner, and the community around us are all positively impacted by the project.

Past Projects: In 2015, PwB partnered with tech giant Google and helped bring a new product, Google Classroom, to market. Over 100 members analyzed Google’s competition, marketed Classroom in the community, and tested the various features that Classroom had to offer. Similarly, we’ve helped Shutterfly, Serengetee, General Motors, AAA, and more.

How Businesses Benefit: Businesses receive valuable product, website, and marketing feedback from our PwB team. The partnership offers many other benefits such as students’ unique perspective and authentic voice. This is only some of what PwB can offer for businesses.

How Members Benefit: Through the partnership, members gain business skills and exclusive experiences and learn about the logistics of running a leading-edge company. Members also have unique opportunities to grow skills and learn about companies. Participating in PwB is a fun and unforgettable experience.

Why Join?

  • Learn how real businesses are managed

  • Develop leadership ability

  • Gain confidence

  • Network with professionals

  • Make new friends

  • Anyone is welcome to join!

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